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Haven't received official letter/funding offer

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Hi all! I'm writing here before I take any sort of action, as it's entirely likely I'm just being impatient. I was accepted to a program via phone on February 14th, and in my conversation with the Grad. Studies Director she said she had the formal letters and such on her desk to send out next week. While I have not yet received a formal acceptance letter or funding offer, the online portal noted my acceptance to the school - so, I'm guessing it's not an acceptance issue.

it will be a month since my informal acceptance next week. Should I be concerned/contact anyone about my official letter/offer, or continue to wait it out? According to the GSD, the department offers guaranteed funding, plus fellowships/TAs/RAs, so I wonder if they are waiting on external word for something. Our visiting day is next week.

Thoughts/advice appreciated, thanks! :-)

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It won't hurt to check in with the GSD in case they did mail it and it got lost or something. However, typically, the formal letters come from the Graduate School, not the department, and that could take a few weeks to process. Since you are visiting next week, you can also just bring it up when you see the GSD next week.

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