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Econ PhD Funding


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Hey all,

I wanted some helping contextualizing my funding offer from UC Berkeley (econ PhD).

I will qualify for in-state tuition after year 1. For my first year, I am offered 5k stipend + full tuition and fees (total 23k).

For my 2nd year and on, I will receive 21k stipend + full tuition and fees (total 39k).

I'm not sure if any of this includes summer.

Is this pretty low / very partial funding? Can I live on a 21k stipend in Berkeley?

What type of funding did you get? How much is "full" funding considered to be? What amount of funding is normal at a solid top 10?

Are there opportunities to increase this funding?

Thank you all for your help.

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First of all, congratulations on getting accepted! I am not sure if my post will be of any help but I will write it anyway.

This funding package seems terribly low. Do you know if it includes health insurance and whether you have access to subsidized on-campus accommodation?

I am not admitted to Berkeley but I got offers from some other Top10 departments. For comparison, Columbia offers $35k for 5 years (including summer stipend, health insurance and cheaper accomodation on campus).

There are usually some opportunities to earn some money by doing additional RA work which is paid hourly. You may want to look into that.

I was told by several professors that you can try negotiating funding, especially if you have better funded offers from comparable universities.  

Having said that, if you have means or ways to support yourself through grad school, it will definitely pay out in long run. 

Best of luck!

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