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MS Carnegie Mellon?


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Hey gradcafe forums,

I am in my 5th year as an undergraduate. I messed up but I still have ambitions of getting a PhD from a top university. My major is Information and Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and a minor in Philosophy. My GPA is 2.8 right now but by the time I graduate it will be (barely) above 3.0. My CS, Philosophy, and last 2-3 year GPAs are all between 3.0-3.5

I go to UC Irvine which has the LPS department. I've secured 3 strong letters from faculty in this department along with 1 strong one from a CS AI professor with whom I have done research. I have strong test taking skills and I expect my GRE scores to be high.

Here is my plan: Apply to Carnegie-Mellon's BS in logic, computation, and methodology. From there go to UC Berkeley's PhD program in logic and methodology of science. From there go on to be a university (not community college!) level professor in logic.

I'm not applying until December 2010 so I have plenty of time to think about things. But I would like feedback from you all. Can I get into Carnegie-Mellon's BS program with my GPA? Will the MS I earn be enough to get me into Berkeley? I know it is a good idea to have many options, so what are other programs I can apply to if I want to study logic? What are some things I can do from now until then to improve my chances?

Thanks for your consideration,

1f3_2Kf2 (my favorite chess opening)

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I heard form a prof. at Carnegie Mellon of a Masters Student who wanted to continue on for his PhD, applied and was accepted to Berkley. So you definitely can go from one program to the other. The major drawback was that Berkley was only going to consider him as a first year graduate student so they would have had to do 5 more years at Berkley to get their PhD making a total of 7 yrs to get a PhD in Logic. As for getting in, I have no idea. I am sure your background will help and of course the LORs from professors in the field. What you could consider doing is applying to the PhD program, they admit some applicants to that program as Masters students (if you don't make the PhD cut). Then if you don't get the PhD you can go through with your plan.

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