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Hey everyone,

I would like some different inputs on living in Nashville vs Durham. As an international student, I would like to know if the neighborhoods where most people stay are diverse, and views on people of color? I currently live in New York city, and would like to hear your opinions.



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Nashville is way better culture wise than Durham. Durham does have a revival going on, but so does every small town in the USA and it's just a phase IMO. Nashville is a world class city, I'd go there in a heartbeat over Durham.

The schools are probably different though, Duke may have a better reputation research wise, they are both amazing schools... I would choose based off of the research not the schools if I were you.

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I personally didn't like Nashville because it was very expensive to live and also downtown areas seemed kind of .... grungy and gross, and not really a nice place to live. I know that Durham is kind of a sketchy town but I have a friend who lives there and he's very happy there. Honestly I think both areas are fairly good. Probably neither of them are as diverse as NYC but near the universities you'd probably find a good quality of life in that respect. Durham's in the Research Triangle so there's a good amount of diversity in that area that I know of. Also, the program I applied to (Duke Biochem) had a LOT more international students so that may be something to look into to compare the two. I also agree with the other poster that since Duke's research reputation is really good, that might outweigh some potential cons as well.

Sorry if this wasn't entirely helpful but maybe it will give you some more insight. Best of luck in choosing!  

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