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Is it an interview invitation?


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I got an email from not POI but a director of graduate studies in the department saying that

she would like to "touch base" with me about my application. 

I'm so confused...

I confirmed with the office that all materials are received immediately after the deadline, so it cannot be that.

If it is a real interview, then what would she ask? She is not my POI, so I also cannot ask her about her research.

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It doesn't seem to be an interview request, but they may have some questions about your application. There may have been something in it that wasn't quite clear to them. I got a request similar to yours, but it was after an interview with a poi. It turned out they were unclear on my funding requirements, as I did not specifically mention it in my personal statement, and only checked off the 'I need some funding assistance' box on the application.


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I've received two similar emails in the past month. Both resulted in funded admissions offers. 

Be prepared to talk about your research interests and your interest in their program. It also wouldn't be amiss to have a list of your questions about the program handy.




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