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  1. I got an admission from a university but got waitlisted for financial aid (the admission email indicated that more information will be available sometime in March). And I also received an invitation to the prospective student welcome event, which is coming up. The problems are the events are on Friday instead of weekend so I'll have to miss a day of work, the university is in a different state so I have to fly over, and there is another prospective student welcome event on the same day, and it's local so I can travel more easily. There may be potential reimburseme
  2. I'd second this question. Congrats to the WashU admits!
  3. Hi all! Another Fall 2020 applicant for PhD 🙌 I also share interests in critical race theory and visual culture. Right now, I am finishing up applications for 12/15 deadline, and my confidence is slowly disappearing as I review my materials. Anyway, let's hope for the best!
  4. I've been experiencing technical issues - more specifically, failing to log in because application websites do not recognize my username. These errors seem to be resolved in a day or two without me reaching out to their help centers, but it is frustrating because I start to worry about losing all the application progress. It is not just one school but multiple, and now I wonder if it's because I move from a library to another, or a cafe to another to work on the applications. Anyway, it's not a super serious problem but a tiny rant on the night of Black Friday. Anyone else having similar
  5. Anyone waiting for the MuSe 12-month internships? I assume the museum will start contacting applicants in March.
  6. In general, if you are interested in Northern Renaissance, then German would be helpful. If Southern Renaissance, then Italian. I know a lot of phd programs require 3 language, mostly French, German, and another language that is appropriate for your area of study. For MA, it's mostly 2 languages - German and French. Sometimes schools waive one with Italian or Spanish, but not all. But this is just what I've heard, and I am sure it varies from programs to programs.
  7. I got an email from not POI but a director of graduate studies in the department saying that she would like to "touch base" with me about my application. I'm so confused... I confirmed with the office that all materials are received immediately after the deadline, so it cannot be that. If it is a real interview, then what would she ask? She is not my POI, so I also cannot ask her about her research.
  8. What are you more interested in - art business or museum studies? I do not know too much about Christie's Edu, but I know a similar MA program from Sotheby's Institute, and it for sure had more strength in art business and Asian art market studies. They are "not very academic" partially because they are 12-month program ...is what I heard from someone else. I am also an applicant this year, so I cannot really give you anything else ;_; Good luck!
  9. Thank you for sharing! Actually I got an admission a few hours after I posted the question O_o What a coincidence haha
  10. Has anyone received or had an interview with Hunter College? I wonder if the interview is necessary or if the decision is made without one.
  11. I haven't received anything either. 7 programs, and 2 of them seem to have sent the first round of acceptances out. HOPEFULLY I still have some chances. I will try to relax until the next week, since schools have said that decisions will be made between mid-March to early April.
  12. I guess the first wave of acceptance has been made for Williams and Tufts MA. I am freaking ouuuuut
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