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Admittance to Schools that Don't Fully Fund


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I was debating to put this in the 'Decisions, Decisions' thread, but felt that fellow MFA-ers would have a better sense of the question I'm trying to ask and the information I think would be helpful to many.

Let's say you've been accepted into a program that does not fully fund every student; what sort of questions should one ask in regards to getting SOME sort of funding? In certain situations, I'm sure zero funding is quite possible. However, what questions should a prospective student be asking about TA-ships, GA-ships, other funding opportunities?

In regards to TA-ships, what questions should be asked about tuition remission, course loads, etc?

Please feel free to contribute more in-depth questions as I feel this conversation is a good one to have even before applying to programs. These should be questions that, those of us unable to access the creme de la creme programs, can ask to get the best idea of our individual "fit" in a program. 

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