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Deciding between Engineering Management Programs

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Hi, I've been accepted to a few engineering management programs: USC MEM, UC Irvine MEM, Dartmouth MEM, and UCSB MTM (masters in technology management). I am still waiting on UC Berkeley MEng and Columbia MS&E. I was wondering if:

1) Has anyone in this forum been accepted to any of these programs?

2) Does anyone know which of these programs is best for future job prospects and worth the cost?

There doesn't seem to be much information about MEM programs on forums (less applicants I'm guessing), so any information is appreciated!

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Yeah, I have been accepted to UCB MEng and Dartmouth MEM so far. Haven't heard back from Columbia. Your decision depends on your interests. If you intend to work in tech, Berkeley is the way to go, and if finance/consulting is where you see yourself, Columbia is the safest bet. Dartmouth lies in between with great placement record but location is a big bane for the program-you have to work slightly harder to get the position of your choice. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to discuss anything. All the best!

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Berkeley MEng is not an engineering Management degree. It is professional masters with a flavor of leadership coursework.

IN fact if you look at career placement of Berkeley MEng students, you will see that they all just go into entry level engineer positions

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