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Penn vs Yale (Life Sciences Ventures)

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For my PhD, I am considering between Penn for Bioengineering and Yale for Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS). 

I have found professors at both schools with whom I would love to do research in and I got along well with the current graduate students at both schools. I feel very fortunate to have had such great experiences.

I am very interested in taking my career after my PhD in the entrepreneurial or venture capital in the life sciences space. I am very interested in the life sciences because I would like to work on discovering molecules or developing diagnostics and drug delivery systems to improve the human condition.

I would like to get opportunities throughout my PhD to get quite involved in the entrepreneurial/venture space. Is there a bias towards bioengineers or biologists in this space?

Which school would have the better resources for what I am looking for?

Are there specific resources that make either of these schools unique?


I have been having a lot of difficulty in making a decision about where to go. Aside from stipend, location and fit, what other factors do people think about? At this point I feel that I am looking at very small factors to try and decide.

I appreciate hearing your perspective

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