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U of C MAPSS vs. MSc in Sociology at Oxford/Cambridge


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Dear community,

I have applied to a couple of one-year programs (willingly and knowingly since I am still on the fence regarding future career) and have been accepted for the MAPSS (2/3 waiver) and MSc Sociology at Oxford (funding tbd). 

Obviously two different planets in some respects (for instance when comparing the two cities), but I was wondering what the most important differences are between the two programs? How do they rate if I would want to pursue an academic degree (either in Europe or the States)? What are the biggest differences I can expect in relationship towards professors etc? Any other things I should be aware of?

Any thoughts would me much appreciated!! Also nice to hear from other students going either direction :)

Kind regards

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It really depends on where you see yourself in future: do you want to be an academic in the US (UofC) or in the UK/ Europe (Oxford) or work in public or international organizations (Oxford) or private sector (UofC)

Voila! I hope that helps!

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