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Indiana University - Bloomington, SPEA MPA / MAAA

Guest BrainsOfPlenty

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Guest BrainsOfPlenty

Was wondering if anyone has heard from Indiana University - Bloomington's SPEA about their merit based aid?

I was accepted for an MPA / MAAA on 3 February. After a month and a half, I'm becoming more anxious as each day gets closer to March 15th (everything I've been told says that they'll finish allocating merit aid "by mid-March."). I e-mailed them on Friday just to inquire and they said, "Hi Sunsickclown, Thank you for your email! We are still in the process of allocating and awarding merit-based aid for our incoming class and will notify you if we are able to offer you an award. I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions! Kind regards, ----"

Feeling kind of like this might mean that I'm not going to get anything. Since I'm out of state, that means I wont be going. Kind of sucks since I really love what I've read about the program. Honestly, I didn't apply to any other programs because I wasn't interested in any other programs.

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Hey there, 

Sorry to hear that you haven't heard from IU SPEA regarding merit-based aid. I'm also an out-of-state applicant (MPA-MSES) waiting to hear from them about aid, and my attendance is heavily dependent on adequate financing. I received my decision on Feb 24. I'm considering sending out an email or phone call this week. 

Sorry that I can't provide any helpful information other than letting you know that I too anxiously await more information!



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