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Philanthropy and the Waiting Game


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Hi! ? 

I'm Lina and I'm a Fall 2017 applicant ( 4 Applied | 3 Crickets | 1 Rejection ). One of the ways I'm coping with the waiting (and the scarlet R) is giving to the populations I want to work with. I figure that even if I'm not admitted this season, I can still work towards change by helping others who work with these kids and I'll just try again next year. This perspective has significantly reduced my anxiety, so I wanted to share.

I'm giving through DonorsChoose.org, and I support trauma-informed classrooms.

Other orgs you'd recommend?

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I want to work (and have been working with through two internships) people who are currently and who have been previously incarcerated.


I've been making donations for about three years now to eji.org.  Equal Justice Initiative is an organization that does SO much work in chasing down and confronting racial inequality in the criminal justice system. 


This is is a great thread, thank you! I've also found that by focusing on what we want to do, the days of waiting become a little more bearable! 

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