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Current students, any advice for those starting in fall?


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I was wondering if any current MSW students in this forum had advice for newly accepted students. Tips on managing stress, staying organized, or anything else really. Thank you! :D

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I'm not in an MSW program currently, but I am juggling my senior year of my BSW, an internship, and an (almost) full-time job.  All I can say is learn and use self care in every single way possible.  

- Realize that self care doesn't always look the same to you.  My self care is usually reading, spending quality time with my partner with no phone, and exercise, but sometimes I am not in the mood for reading or running, or they make me more stressed, so I try new things like yoga or even trying a new restaurant or food to eat.

- If you cannot focus on a reading or homework, STOP.  Do not force yourself to sit there and take in the words.  Go do something else for ten minutes, hell, maybe even an hour or a day.  This has helped me so much.  Your mind can only handle so much.

- If you get stressed out about papers or seem to procrastinate a lot, it actually helps to go over the syllabus a little at a time and either mentally or physically formulate a plan for the paper.  I actually get less stressed when I know what needs to be in the paper and its floating in my mind, that way I can mentally think about what I will write during random times of the day and be prepared for when I physically sit down to write it.

- Write your assignments that are due on a calendar that is hanging up on your wall that you walk by everyday.  

- Learn to be selfish and take days to yourself.  I've had many social work professors say that they actually tell people they can't go to certain meetings, etc. because they already have one scheduled, when it reality they scheduled THEMSELVES in on their calendar.  This is so important and critical.


I hope this helps a little and can apply to getting your MSW!  Congrats and make sure to take everything in. (:

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