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2017 US News Rankings Released


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I tried to summarize the report for the top 25 programs. Please feel free to correct any mistakes.

Schools whose ranking improved:

Harvard (+5)
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (+3)
UCLA (+1)
Columbia (+1)
New York University (+5)
University of Texas at Austin (+3)
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (+3)
University of Washington (+3)
University of California, Irvine (+2)
Brown (+1)

Schools whose ranking worsened:

Stanford (-1)
University of Wisconsin - Madison (-5)
University of Chicago (-2)
University of Pennsylvania (-1)
Indiana University - Bloomington (-3)
Duke (-1)
University of Arizona (-4)
Yale (-2)

Schools whose ranking stayed the same:

University of California, Berkeley
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Ohio State University
Pennsylvania State University
University of Maryland - College Park

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I always see they list Fordham on Sociology PhD Program List (not top 20), but then when I go to Fordham website I do not see a doctoral program in Sociology. Does anyone know if this program actually exists?

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