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Can't make a decision! Running out of time!


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In January I was accepted into Washington University in St. Louis, and in the last weeks I was accepted into MGH IHP in Boston, and Murphy Deming college in Virginia . I am having a lot of trouble deciding between the 3. 

WashU- I truly can see myself here. I appreciate all of the connections, the low price of living, and that student health insurance is included in tuition. Definitely would push me to grow, as it would be a step outside of what I'm used to, living in the city. Top ranked school might give me more opportunities finding a job after graduating. Facilities were not as nice and updated as the others. Very welcoming faculty members. 

Murphy Deming- I love the smaller class size and the inter professional design. Coming from Wyoming, I know I would feel more in my comfort zone living in rural Fishersville, VA. Facilities much more impressive than WashU. Low price of living.

MGH- I feel this school is a good mix between WashU and Murphy Deming. The facilities are amazing, inter professional design, and I felt the school has many valuable connections. However, the price of living is crazy!

Can anyone offer their opinion on the schools?

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I don't know the particular schools in question. In general: you didn't say much about your (a) funding, and (b) post-degree plans.

If you're in a field where you go into industry post-degree, especially in fields with certification that may vary by state, you need to ask yourself where you want to live and where you'll be forming your connections. Will a degree from a MO school help you find a job in MA/VA, and vice-versa? What is each school's placement record for the kinds of career paths you might want to have? 

I would think the relevant question, at each location, is what the costs are vs the potential benefits. It sounds to me, from your description, that the VA school won't provide as many opportunities as the other two. All things being equal it sounds like WashU is a better return on your investment, but then it will possibly set you up to be in a much different location than MGH or VA. I've also mostly been ignoring the "how nice are the facilities" question, unless this is something actually going to change the level of education and training that you get. Being nicer isn't really all that important, in my book. So, I think you need to know more about what opportunities each school brings, to know what might be best for you. (Disclaimer: I don't know your field or the relevant schools, but I tried to walk you through my thinking in case it helps.)

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Hi, I'm not really familiar with the field or the schools either, but I thought just general thoughts might still be helpful! My first opinion, just from reading the post, would be WashU could be a good place for you. You can see yourself there, it's different from what you're used to, the school is well-ranked, and the faculty seem nice and helpful. The facilities aren't indicative of the quality of work or education (usually). Of course, I don't know the funding at any of the schools, and that probably is something important to consider. MGH has many connections, but if it costs an arm and a leg to live there it might not be worth it. Maybe try making a pros and cons list for each school? If you have time or could make it happen, it'd be helpful to visit too.

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OP's description says they are in occupational therapy, which I think makes the question of facilities a bit different - nicer facilities may indeed be integral to a better education, depending on the resources, techniques, and equipment they have that may make certain educational processes easier or more accessible. I went to school on a medical center campus alongside medical, dental, nursing, and other health professional students - facilities and labs seem to make a difference in those fields.

That said, WashU is a nationally recognized university. I don't think it would limit you to after graduation.

What is inter-professional design?

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