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I've never posted before, but I am having a terrible time choosing between two programs. I applied to MA and PhD programs, for English Literature, and regrettably thought I wanted to get away from home, but as decisions draw closer I'm mourning that decision. Anyway, here are the two programs. The first is a PhD, with no funding, they have cheaper living expenses, it is closer to home, but still immensely far, and the environment or area would lend itself to my personal study habits and allow me more focus. The other program is an MA, with funding and guaranteed teaching opportunities, it's a large city, which I'm used to, it's further from home but there is the prospect of reapplying in a few years to PhD programs that are closer to home, but the living expenses will be higher. 

The two programs are pretty comparable, so for me right now its really just a matter of economics and whether I want to jump straight into a PhD program, or put myself through this application process again.

Any advice or input would be appreciated, thank you.

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