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CV Templates for Academia


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My advice: surf some academics'  websites, both junior and senior, to find a format(s) you like, and make your own. There is no one correct way to go about this, and I personally don't think I know anyone who uses a generic template like you describe. 

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I agree with fuzzylogician, there's no one right answer and your best bet is to examine the ones from people in your field. But as fuzzylogician also points out, there is usually differences for a beginning grad student, a finishing grad student and a postdoc/assistant professor. As you go up in seniority, the amount of details usually shrinks! 

In my field, there is no CV template needed since the majority of the "basic" CV has very little formatting. It's something like what is described here: http://theprofessorisin.com/2016/08/19/dr-karens-rules-of-the-academic-cv/. You just choose a font that is very standard, set it to 12-points, and then just type in each entry. This is just one example advice piece out there on CV writing---I don't agree with all of it and I don't agree with everything "The Prof Is In" writes, but this particular entry might be useful for you.

Personally, I do more formatting than what is described in the "The Prof Is In" blog post, because I want to and because there are other advice pieces that present different viewpoints that I agree with more. Here are some other places with good advice (in my opinion). Note that many of these pages disagree with each other (there's no one right answer!)




https://ocs.fas.harvard.edu/files/ocs/files/gsas-cvs-and-cover-letters.pdf (I really like this resource, it's from a career center at Harvard, containing real examples of successful applications in many fields, with some very concrete advice).

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