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LSE vs Sciences po vs IHEID vs LSE-sciences po dual degree


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Hello everyone, 

im currently deciding between a few options for grad school fall 2017 start and would love your opinions. I have been accepted into the following programs:

LSE MSc In Global Politics 

Sciences Po MSc In Public policy 

iheid (graduate institute in Geneva) in international affairs 

and have also applied to the dual degree between LSE sciences po (Psia) ... haven't heard back yet but assuming I get in, which of the four options would you choose?

For some background, I went to undergrad in the US and majored in comparative literature  so I am a bit of a crossover case for these programs. I honestly am not sure what I want to do, so I'd love to go to a school with excellent career services and obviously high quality courses. Since I was previously studying literature and science (as I was planning to go to med school in the us) I am a bit concerned about finding work after my masters since I have  no work experience.


let me know your thoughts!!

thanks a bunch!



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Hello! I also applied to the dual degree between Sciences Po and LSE. I'm still waiting on a response... Have you heard back regarding your results? The website says admission decisions should be made 2-3 months after the deadline (January 5) so technically by tomorrow we should know, correct? Or have you heard otherwise? The suspense is maddening!

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