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Life in London, UK: AMA


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Hi, first time posting

Came across mention of a GradCafe on UK-based The Students Room. I've applied for MA History, SOAS and MSc Islamic Studies & History, Oxford and (soon) MSc in Empires, Colonialism, and Globalisation, LSE.

I am also a SOAS graduate in BA Arabic from ten years back but still use their library as an alumnus frequently.

Then seeing the word "Fall" when signing up, I recognised this is a US-based forum (and consequently there is a red line under "recognised" as I write).

In any case some good general info here on research, academia and the like. Good to be amongst (another red line) grown-ups finally.

To garner good karma I try to help others if I can.

I am a Londoner, born and bred, so if there are any questions about living here then I'm most happy to help.

Little things, like: use the Victoria line to cut through the tube quicker; it's pronounced WOOS-ter sauce and so on.

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I think you might get more views if you post this in IHOG. Honestly I didn't even know this page (the lobby) existed. I'm super bored waiting on my apps and I'm just probing around the whole forum and being nosy. Also the prospect of hitting 100 posts and being promoted to double shot is quite exciting. 

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