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What are you doing right now?


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Sadly... just homework. Lots and lots of homework. I am doing an independent study this quarter, so keeping up with my self-imposed deadlines. Writing my senior thesis on hip-hop. Putting together my senior lecture-vocal recital on non-Western music. I'm also the manager for my school's Campus Center, which may as well be a full time job for how often I get called in there.

On the upside, I have a fiction book checked out that I'm working on, bit by bit! So my life isn't entirely pathetic!

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That is great ! Beets are awesome.

I also wonder why it takes longer than potatoes.

Potatoes are harder than beets; shouldn't they take longer to boil?

Maybe it's some sort of conspiracy :blink:

hehe, definitely a beet conspiracy. something about the density??

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I have literally just crossed over into obsession. I had resolved to stay breezy until March and was surprisingly unconcerned through January, but as of today I'm checking this website and my email over and over and over. I can't stop! A few decisions are up for some of my schools now, which I think triggered this, and now I'm agonizing over what it means that I haven't heard yet, etc., etc.!! At least we can all commiserate :)

I completely understand! Despite my plan to stay calm until March, once a few acceptances appeared I became an email-checking-maniac! I'm trying to work on my thesis but I can't concentrate when I'm checking email and the results board every five minutes! I'm going to read some Thoreau in order to remind myself that there is life outside of school. Good luck, everyone! I'm sure we'll all get in!

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I actually moved from one apartment to another (slightly cheaper, closer to work) apartment. New apartment does not have internet access set up yet, which has limited me to checking e-mail and gradcafe only once or twice per day. I think this is actually a good thing. I've also read two novels this week, cooked dinner for friends, worked a ton of hours, and interviewed for yet another part-time job. Distraction is the name of the game! :D

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