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Choosing a program without visiting admitted student day

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I am a US citizen but I live between Africa and Europe at the moment and going back to the states is not a feasible option at the moment.

I was wondering if anyone here made their decision without visiting the school first and what resources they looked into that could provide similar information to what would happen during these admitted student days.  

So far, I am considering UCSD, American, UMinnesota, and UWashington. 

I am really curious about UMinnesota, as there doesn't seem to be a lot of outside information.

Anything would be greatly appreciated! 

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I would get in contact with alumni if you can, but definitely check out admissions if they have virtual tour videos, blogs or vlogs. I would also say that Youtube is your friend. I think there are definitely past threads here on AU and UCSD of admitted students, so some of them share their summaries of the admitted student days.

I'm on the same boat! Fortunately, for GWU for example, they're having an online admitted student day. 

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