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SAIS vs. Fletcher vs. Elliot


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Hey guys,

I am having an issue that really is bothering me and I can't make my decision. I have been admitted to Fletcher, SAIS and Elliot and I'm completely stuck with my decision on which school to attend. I have received very little funding and will likely go into heavy debt with all three schools, yet thats another topic by itself. I simply cannot make a decision about which program to attend and have read, and reread the programs over and over again, yet I simply can't make up my mind.

I am intending to step into foreign affairs after graduation and I currently am an undergraduate student who's going to grad school straight out. Thus, my experience is very limited. I also studied Finance as an Undergrad and so that has very little to do, non actually, with International affairs and Foreign Service per say, so idk, my head is spinning and I just don't really know anymore...

The positives for SAIS in my point of view are the program, reputation and location, although I am a little worried about the Econ. and quant part. As far as elliot, it's pretty much the same, the location, program and reputation. Fletcher on the hand had me hooked with their program, especially since I am stepping into foreign affairs, and the program seems to be tailored towards international affairs /foreign service. Yet the downside with Fletcher is the location. I would much rather be in DC, especially since I would love to work there someday.

I would love your inputs on this with me guys, I really am anxious that I might make the wrong decision and have been running back and forth with this over and over again. As far as attending open house this April, I don't think I will be able to attend all three, since its quite expensive and I live in the west coast.

I really appreciate this and thanks for helping me out.



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