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Mechanical engineering-UIUC vs Cornell


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Hi folks, fortunately, I got PhD admissions from the two schools above(both mechanical, and specifically I want to study in control engineering) with full scholarships, and I just can't make the decision yet.

I think Cornell's program is well-organized, and it feels like they care more about students since they get less number of phd students compared to UIUC. So I am more interested in Cornell.

However, the graduate school ranking of UIUC is higher than Cornell, and I heard that the reputation for graduate school is better at UIUC. This makes me confused. I am wondering if this would affect my future career. Also, I want to know why the rank of UIUC is higher. I am curious whether this rank relfects that UIUC has more talented phd students, who will make the atmosphere and environment around me.

Where will you choose if you were in my situation? How do you think?

Ps. For both school, I can choose my supervisor after the start of my first semester, so I cannot directly compare my advisor.

Thnks for your opinion and advice!

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I'm trying to make the same decision and am also curious why UIUC is ranked higher than Cornell. I'm trying not to care so much about rankings, but if Cornell's ranking is lower because of something that will directly impact my graduate experience, I might have to consider it.

The people I've spoken to have said that while UIUC may be more reputable among engineers, the first person who reads your resume at a company might not always be an engineer. In that case, Cornell is a more generally recognizable name. Sounds like reasonable advice, but doesn't tip the scale for me.

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I have been admitted to UIUC focusing on decision & control sciences. I don't know a lot about Cornell but UIUC has a really flexible programme. I am assuming you would take courses from a number of departments for controls, so flexibility is a real plus. 

UIUC is definitely more renowned in the industry, however if you are interested in academia, Cornell might have an edge.

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