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Columbia vs. Rutgers (more into macro/administrative social work)


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I am currently choosing between Columbia and Rutgers for Advanced Standing. Neither school will give me a financial package yet. Here is my problem: I don't think I want to be a social worker. I have a passion for higher education and helping first generation college students get equal opportunities. This is not the most social work related. (already heard many times I should have went for a masters of higher education degree). But I didn't. I've gone to Rutgers all 4 years and never lived in New York. My parents are very supportive of me going to Columbia (even though I don't know what's best for me). Rutgers uniquely has field placements that let me work with Rutgers students/higher education on their campus, while Columbia doesn't. However, I originally wanted to do everything I can to avoid going to Rutgers for another year. I know I want a more macro/administrative job with my degree, even though I don't know where my passion lies outside of higher education/college students. Should I try for Columbia? I read all those posts saying it isn't worth it and its just a name blahblahblah but I've been at RU for years and am definitely not passionate enough to be here an extra year. I am wondering if living in NY will give more more opportunities. Cost is an issue of course but I am trying to decide what's best for me without basing it off cost. Any insight? What does Columbia have that Rutgers doesn't?

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