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Brandeis: International Development vs Syracuse: MAIR


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Hey all! 
I have gotten a lot of positive responses for grad school and I am a fortunate position to have options. 
While I am still waiting on responses from a few more schools (University of Minnesota and University College London), I would like to hash out some of my current choices. 
I have been accepted to both Brandeis and Syracuse. Brandeis has offered me a 60% tuition scholarship that can be renewed during the 2-year program, whereas Syracuse has offered me a $36,000 scholarship for the 2017-2018 school year. Brandeis is obviously the more expensive choice here, but which program would be overall more beneficial to entering the humanitarian aid/social development career track?
Brandeis is an official international development Master's, whereas I would have to gain a concentration in international development and humanitarian aid at Syracuse.

Syracuse has a required two semesters off-campus, international internship requirement, while Brandeis has it as a second-year option (and is often done domestically). 

Can anyone provide a secondary insight?  


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