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PhD Progression Requirements

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Does anyone happen to know what tends to happen if one doesn't meet progression requirements from MPhil to PhD?

In the UK, it seems most programmes include the MPhil, so does that mean switching to another university would be impossible should I not meet the grade required, without raising the funds to repeat the MPhil year at another university?

I have an offer for Cambridge for October, and the requirement to progress is a 1st class degree, which is quite daunting, especially given funding largely tends not to cover second masters degrees. It seems a shame to have to take an extra year if I got, say, a high 2.1.



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Do you mean "leave to continue"?

That means (at Cambridge, anyway), that if you do an MPhil that isn't at least a 70 (used to be 67 for some degrees), you can't apply for the PhD.  I don't know that it applies everywhere, though.  I had a friend who didn't get great marks on his dissertation for reasons still not well-explained-- so he probably wouldn't be taken by Cambridge even if he felt like sticking around-- but in spite of that, he's starting a PhD soon in London.

Of course, leave to continue doesn't imply acceptance to the doctoral program.  It just gives you a bye on one of the filters they use for new applicants.


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Yes, exactly, I wasn't sure of the terminology.

It's good to hear that your friend was accepted onto a PhD elsewhere. I was just concerned as I spoke to LSE who suggested if I were in a similar situation, I would have to take an MPhil with them in the same subject as my original MPhil in order to continue onto their PhD programme, which seems like unnecessary duplication of work. 

Hopefully not all universities have that requirement.

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It varies, probably by university and department/degree program.  "Leave to continue " only refers to people staying at the same university.  At Cambridge you might only need a high 2:1 from the outside even if you need the equivalent of a first if you are to move up from their own MPhil.  And, obviously, KCL wasn't too rattled by my classmate's Cambridge dissertation marks although his other master's degree surely helped get them comfortable.

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