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Public Health - Accepted in some places, where should I go?

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Good morning, folks. Now that the decisions period is almost over, I think I could use some advice from you guys, specially those living in the US. I'm a medical doctor in Brazil who did not take the USMLE (my goal is currently to study abroad and to work with research, not to work as a physician for now). I have applied to some public health programs in the US and England, and my desired emphasis in on Clinical Trials and protocols, together with solid epidemiology and biostatistic background.

So far, my acceptances:

Columbia - Patient Oriented Research (MS)

Brown - Clinical and Translational Research (MS, 25% scholarship)

Vanderbilt - MPH (Epidemiology track) - waitlisted

Pitt Public Health - Epidemiology

Tulane - Epidemiology (MS)

Oxford (UK) - evidence-based healthcare (MS)

UCL (London) - Clinical Investigation (MS)

Still waiting for results from Johns Hopkins and Ohio State University. 


What do locals (and other internationals who know more than I do) think about these programs and about the reputation of the above mentioned institutions? Where would you guys choose to go?? Thanks in advance!!



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