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  1. one week ago she told me results would be announced in the next couple of weeks. If what she said is right, then this week or the next one!
  2. As far as I understand, your CV is fine for a MS/MPH program. I've been told that schools take into account the fact that you're international when reviewing your GRE scores (I'm international as well, so I was also concerned about that when I applied for the MS). About MS/MPH, it's hard to tell. Here at Columbia, students from both programs take most of the classes together. The differences are mostly the core classes, number of credits (I'm pretty sure that the MPH requires more) and the necessity of a Practicum. I hope I didn't answer too late! =D
  3. I just sent them an e-mail and got an automatic response. The person who's in charge of the applications is away and will be back one week from now. Not expecting to hear anything from them until so.
  4. This was something isolate, and surprisingly early. When I applied for masters at JHU, they sent me a (positive) answer no sooner than April. I know departments are independent and can follow very different schedules, but I keep my faith! =)
  5. Anyone else applying for the Mental Health PhD at Hopkins? Didn't find a specific topic for that and haven't heard one word from them...
  6. Has anyone heard from Boston University's Epidemiology PhD program yet? I've seen two people posting interviews in the "results" section, but that's all so far...
  7. hello, everyone. I'm a MD from Brazil (didn't take the USMLE yet) and I'm taking a masters in Clinical Research. After very thorough analysis of places I was admitted to, I now see myself between these two options. Can someone advise me? Their tuitions are very similar. Johns Hopkins: MHS in Clinical Investigation 1) cheaper living cost 2) non-thesis 3) 1 year, which means spending half of the money - same content, but with classes every day full-time. 4) possibility of automatic migration to the PhD track, but that would probably require me to take USMLE. 5) better reputed public health school (is that true? I only know what people say in Brazil lol) Columbia: 1) NYC! 2) chances of getting on-campus housing as an international student 3) I know some people there (few, but possible supervisors), vs knowing absolutely nobody in JH. 4) not as much workload as in JH 5) bigger university with a larger range of different people 6) 2 years with more spare time, which means greater possibility of knowing people and making contacts help meeeee!!
  8. Good morning, folks. Now that the decisions period is almost over, I think I could use some advice from you guys, specially those living in the US. I'm a medical doctor in Brazil who did not take the USMLE (my goal is currently to study abroad and to work with research, not to work as a physician for now). I have applied to some public health programs in the US and England, and my desired emphasis in on Clinical Trials and protocols, together with solid epidemiology and biostatistic background. So far, my acceptances: Columbia - Patient Oriented Research (MS) Brown - Clinical and Translational Research (MS, 25% scholarship) Vanderbilt - MPH (Epidemiology track) - waitlisted Pitt Public Health - Epidemiology Tulane - Epidemiology (MS) Oxford (UK) - evidence-based healthcare (MS) UCL (London) - Clinical Investigation (MS) Still waiting for results from Johns Hopkins and Ohio State University. What do locals (and other internationals who know more than I do) think about these programs and about the reputation of the above mentioned institutions? Where would you guys choose to go?? Thanks in advance!!
  9. I did! But they sent that email yesterday at 4:45 pm, so no one answered when I called half an hour later. Guess I'll have to wait until Monday... or do these offices have people working on weekends?
  10. Hello, everyone. I'm a medical doctor from Brazil applying to some Public Health Schools to get my Masters in Clinical Research (things here in Brazil work the other way round, first you go to Medical School, then residence - mine is Psychiatry - and only after that you can take masters and PhD degrees). Anyway, I'm waiting for an answer from Columbia. Today, they sent me an e-mail to inform that a decision had been made. They give me a pin which I use to create an account. Right after that, I create a password. However, when I finally get to log in, it says "You have not yet started an application using this account.". Has this happened to anyone else? Tried to e-mail them, but haven't heard anything back. Help!!
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