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Want to Get Into Grad School For SLP But Undergrads in Exercise Science!



Hi All!

I'm a senior about to graduate in my undergrad in Exercise Science however I want to go into SLP! I've been thinking about it for quite some time but I'm getting anxious as graduation comes because I know I am going to have to start to figure out how exactly i'm going to go about this - and if it's even realistic!

Was anyone in this position.. where their undergrad was not in communication disorders but they still wanted to do SLP? I was told I should get a second BS, which would be such a pain, but I was also told I should just take the pre reqs and then apply .... but how would I get in? I would be up against communication disorder students! I work as a therapy aide right now at a rehabilitation hospital so I do help the SLP's and work with their patients to an extent. That's it for experience though. Should I do an SLPA program and work for a bit to broaden my chances to get into grad school??? Help!

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Its definitely possible! Especially if you have a strong GPA. Take it from me- I'm about to graduate with a psych undergrad degree and I got into not 1, but 4 different grad schools total :)

Instead of doing post bac work (aka csd pre reqs) I did a minor in csd.  I ended up taking a total of 30 credits in csd, but this is likely above what is needed for most programs.  The majority of slp grad schools only admit for fall, so you could start taking pre reqs over the summer and continue them throughout the next year or so, and apply to sip grad school this fall (for fall 2018 semester).  Most post bacs are online, and I've heard that Utah State and Eastern New Mexico University offer very reasonably priced options!

Like I said, its definitely doable. Most programs do accept out of field majors, if they have the pre reqs, or they are in the process of completing them.  Some programs even offer 3 year options which include a year of pre reqs before the program officially starts.  If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or come over to the SLP forum :)

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