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Touro College vs LIU Brooklyn

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LIU is on academic probation. Read the report on CAA. There is about 8 reasons why; and they have until January 2018 to fox the issues.

I took my pre-reqs there and the department was disorganized. This creates a lot of undue stress. The office staff make it seem like it is a hassle to do anything for you. I heard the head of their department was let go. You may be put in their online cohort so if that is not a learning style you are comfortable with then I would give it some consideration.

An old coworker of mine is graduating from Touro in May. She took her pre-reqs there and she seems happy with the program. I have heard bad things about Touro in general for all programs including SLP. Some people do not think very highly of that school, but I'd lean more toward Touro than LIU.

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LIU Brooklyn had a Praxis passing rate of 52% for 2016, while Touro's was in the 90s. That alone says a lot about the quality of the education you would be receiving at both schools. Touro also got a perfect score on their most recent reaccreditation, so I think that's pretty impressive since no other school in the tristate area got a perfect score. Looks like they're doing something right!

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