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University of Michigan-Ann Arbor vs Virginia Tech


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I am an international student and I got admits from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor for M.Eng. in Manufacturing Engineering and Virginia Tech for M.S. in Industrial Engineering. I am still confused between the two mostly because of the significant difference in cost.

Advantages of UMich:

1. Better ranked university. It’s 2nd compared to Virginia which is 6th. (https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-engineering-schools/industrial-engineering-rankings).

2. Better location      

3. I find the course to be better.

4. I got an admit to the Tauber Institute which gives a guaranteed, paid internship.


Advantages of VTech:

1.       Cheaper than UMich. VTech I-20 amount is approximately $25000 less.

2.       It is an M.S. course so I have a higher chance of getting an assistantship.

3.       Cost of living is less.

I would be glad if people on this forum would give me their opinions.

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