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Fall 2017 MSW CSUEB - anyone heard from admissions yet?


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Hi! I don't know if you've received an answer elsewhere, but I called the department mid-April to ask when they would be informing applicants and they said any time from that day to the end of May. Apparently, you will be receiving a physical letter and won't be able to find out online, because they want it to be personal. I live down the street and still haven't gotten anything and the suspense is so real. I'm hoping you get yours soon!

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I also called regarding the notification process as well and was told the same thing except they would be sending letters out through mid-June. My coworker called East Bay at an earlier time and a lady stated, "we are playing the waiting game like you"...as she explained that they separated applicants into two groups (Group A vs. Group B ). She stated that they sent out letters to Group A and are waiting for people to accept before sending out Group B letters, and Group B people could be waiting for as long as the first week of the new school year before hearing anything. Not sure what to believe but not hearing from them this late in the game is making me beyond stressed and anxious. 

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