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decision time- Hunter

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Ok guys, I was accepted to Hunter but I am having a really hard time deciding whether or not I should accept the offer.  I am interested in clinical social work and plan on obtaining my LCSW down the line.  The price and the prestige of the degree after graduation are two of the main factors that are holding me back from declining the offer but I worry that the program will not satisfy my thirst for clinical knowledge.; however, with all of the money I save I figure I can get  post graduate certificates and a bunch of trainings to compensate. I was accepted to NYU, Fordham, and Adelphi- I actually have been placed at a really great agency for my field placement at NYU and at Adelphi has given me a decent scholarship plus they have an Infant mental health program that I can do for FREE, but it just adds an additional year to my graduation date. So if I went to Adelphi the cost would be probably 10k-15k more than Hunter plus I would graduate a year later with an extra credential.   So why Hunter?  Why not Hunter?

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