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USC marshall school MSEI F17


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Hi, everyone. I have been waitlisted on the MSEI(master in entrepreneurship and innovation)since 19 April, and interviewed twice in March.

According to the director, the decision should be out on 1 May. 

BUT it didn't.

What freaks me out is that I‘m an international student who probably won't have enough time to process the bank, visa, and housing issues if be admitted after May, because the program begins at 13 Aug. 

So should I contact the director again? (I have sent several emails after interview, waitlist, and asked a friend, who withdrew the offer, referring me to the director) 

and any suggestion on writing this e-mail since I don't wanna act so desperate for an offer(even though this program is my last hope)




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I am just wondering whether did you get admitted to the MSEI program in the end? I have applied for the same program this year and was told that i am placed in their waitlist. I have to wait till 28th May 2018 for their final decision to be out. I will appreciate a lot if you can share with me on your experience of going through the waitlisting process. Thanks! :)

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