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U-Mass Amherst vs. Grand Valley State Univeristy


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U-Mass Amherst

pros: LOVE the program and faculty, 2 hours away from home, highly ranked and regarded program and reputation, on campus clinic, possible grant opportunity in an area of interest

cons: 53k


Grand Valley State
pros: 39k, can live anywhere last semester for externship, family-like atmosphere

cons: big move (16 hours from family), newer program: candidate for accreditation, stress of an accelerated program (15 months) ,no on-campus clinic


I know I would like to end up in the northeast after I graduate. One school is my dream school, the other is very affordable and I know I would succeed there. My only worries is that the cheaper program is newer. Was accepted to U-Mass first and accepted a seat in the program, just found out that I got into the cheaper program today. Difficult to prioritize location vs. cost vs. quality of program. Size of program at Amherst is 25 students vs. 35 students at GVSU.


Any advice?

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