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Took GRE today and kind of bombed


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I think eve nthough I had a serving of alcohol less than 48 hours and more than 24 hours before the test, I have little tolerance and it triggered my high blood pressure even 36 hours later. Woke up at 3:45 for an 11am exam, 40 minute traffic commute. North Jersey is VERY Hard to get a testing site 2 days beforehand. You basically have to go to Manhattan ($15 toll $60 parking) to get something that will match your timing/sleep schedule ideally. And the traffic could be hellacious.

Got a 156 on Quant which is below the 158-160 and later on 163 I got on the preptests from Magoosh/Manhattan/Powerpep

Felt a tight chest otherwise wasn't fatigued during the test. Was doing problems out of tiredness/subconsciously instead of actively. Got 6 sections and practiced enough that fatigue thankfully wasn't issue, but had a lto of high BP/anxiety on the second section, again doing things apssively. It sucks because so many of the questions were so much easier than what I practiced, had I been in the right straight of mind I think I would have easily shattered 160.

I didn't get my percentiles yet, but anyone know if 156 cuts it for Stanford MSCS in quant? I know 750 on the old scale is what they wanted and at least 700. If this is say, a 720, is that good enough to apply with, anyone know the 95% percentile. I guess I can retake in 3 weeks as well but would have to spend a couple days repreparing and have job interviews to deal with.

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This is one of those questions that no one here can answer. How can we possibly know what an admissions committee is going to do, and how can we make you any promises? If the school publishes the stats of admitted students, your best bet is to be somewhere close to the average or above that. If not, you could try asking them, though I doubt you'll get a straight answer. Other than that, you can either take your chances with your current score or you can retake the exam if you're concerned. Part of the decision may also come down to the rest of your application -- does the rest of it shine or does it need a boost from a strong score because other parts may be weaker? If you do retake, you could learn from this about listening to your body and not doing things that affect your existing health issues (well, generally, that seems like a good lesson here). This is really the best anyone here can tell you, and it's not anything you didn't already know. 

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Here's the equivalency concordance chart ETS puts out http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/concordance_information.pdf and here is the ETS percentile chart https://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/gre_guide_table1a.pdf. I don't think the links work but you can copy/paste. Good luck.

PS The Percentile chart when you click it says not found, but try this page and see if it works. The link to the scores is on this page https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/scores/understand/

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I do plan on retaking as soon as possible. Unfortunately it might be when I'm working full time.

Is there a way to see the questions I got wrong and review them? Or only the topics are visible?

I was also meticulous with my notes, how much review would you guys reccomend? Two three days worth just to get my timing back? Oddly enough one thing I noticed taking the GRE today

I also wanted to know do your test centers allow you to use ear plugs and store drinks ON TOP of the locker  like mine did today? It seemed to be a very accomodating test center

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Back when I did GMATs, I found a test center that was 40 minutes away.  To reduce stress, I checked into a nearby motel the night before, after making sure I knew where the necessary parking lot would be the next morning. 

Just to hint at how long ago that was, it was the evening that OJ Simpson's Bronco was featured on every major channel as state police escorted it down the freeway.  I did have the sense to turn it off after 5 minutes.

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