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Thoughts on PhD in Counselor Education as a Canadian?


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Hi all,

I recently graduated from a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters program in the US and am interested in applying for PhD programs. This past year I mostly applied to Canadian clinical and counseling psychology programs, however, was rejected from them all. I am thinking about applying to more programs in the US this upcoming December but am having a tough time with deciding whether or not a PhD in Counselor Education would be a good fit for me as someone who wants to return to Canada to work afterwards. I am specifically interested in returning to Alberta where you only need a Masters to register as a psychologist.

In the future I would like to work with clients and also have the opportunity to teach on a postsecondary level which is primarily why I am applying for PhD programs. I also have a Bachelor's in Psychology if that helps. I am aware that a PhD in Counselor Education would be especially helpful if I wanted to teach Masters level students in CACREP accredited schools in the US and that CACREP doesn't exist in Canada.

Any comments or thoughts would be so helpful. Thanks!

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I wanted to add a sentence about what I was looking for.
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