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NSF GRFP: undeclared status?


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Curious if anyone else has received this email from NSF GRFP this morning:

"Dear Fellow in Undeclared Status:

The GRFP has re-opened the GRFP FastLane module to allow noncompliant Fellows to declare their 2017 Fellowship Year Statuses. Due to the impending NSF move this summer, the deadline by which these actions must be completed is May 31st.  Any Fellows who havenot declared their status by May 31st will have their Fellowships revoked by NSF at the end of the current fellowship year (2016-2017). 

Should you require additional assistance, send inquiries togrfp@nsf.gov.

Thank you, GRFP"

I confirmed my acceptance of the 2017 NSF fellowship before the prior May 1 deadline and still got this email. Anyone else?


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Sounds like you confirmed your acceptance, but haven't yet managed your fellowship for next year (i.e., set yourself to tenure or reserve). 

After you accept, you still have to log on and declare your status, which then has to be approved by your institution's PO. 

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