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Trying to narrow down what I want to do



Hi Everyone, 

I'm brand new to this fourm but I read a couple questions on here and figured this might be the place for me to process my options. I am currently working on a college campus in New England at a Rape Crisis Center as a Prevention Educator/Advocate and also getting my MPH. I've a lot of work experience with them and while did my undergraduate kind of recently I will be done my MPH this time next year. 

I feel like currently my interests are really wide and I could see myself doing a lot but which is great, but also stressful. In thinking about my current job I love working with the victims I see often in a 1 on 1 setting and I also love facilitating larger trainings and implementing prevention on a large scale, hence the MPH. I do a lot of training and guest lectures for undergrad/graduate classes and could see eventually sitting in academia but don't know if that is the most immediate goal but would like whatever I do to have that as an option eventually.

I really enjoy my MPH program and it feels like it was the right choice as what i'm learning is directly applicable to the prevention work I do every day. This leads me to my first option which is a PhD or a DrPH. In general I like the idea of a DrPH more because of its focus on practitioners and less on research however I don't love that pretty much none of them are funded. Also I like the idea of teaching during the program and that's more likely to be in a PhD program... and those are generally funded. However, research is more the focus which is fine but not totally what I'm about.

Lastly the thing I am comparing public health to is a clinical psychology PhD or PsyD. I know this may feel like super out of left field but I work a lot with these folks at the University I work and love the work they do. Same dilemma with the PhD and PsyD around practice vs research and the funding in all my investigation of the programs. 

So I guess I am reaching out to see if someone has information on a program i haven't research that I would be interested in? I have plenty of time to narrow my options down and decide and if I were to do a public health option I likely would work more after my MPH before jumping in whereas a psychology one I would one to move into it more quickly after my MPH. Lastly I love working on a campus and could see myself in student health promotion or counseling so some kind of higher education option I wouldn't hate browsing either. 

An option/next step i'm thinking about is interviewing my friends that did these specific programs and ask what they liked/disliked so that's on a to do list I've started.Any guidance you all have is helpful--I know this was super rambling but I'm struggling to narrow down into as it feels like a super big decision and there are just so many options. 


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