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I'm taking two prerequisite courses through ENMU this summer that I need to start my graduate program in the Fall. I originally applied as a non-degree seeking student thinking that was accurate since I wasn't planning on getting a degree through the school. After talking to the admissions department, the informed me I needed to apply as a degree seeking online student (non degree is for students who do not need the credits counted towards anything, aka taking the class "for fun"). They also made me send an official transcript from every university I received college credit from (including college credit obtained in high school). Needless to say it was a pain and a process. On the bright side, people in their admissions department are very friendly. Good luck and get on it because it did take a few weeks for me to be admitted and enrolled.

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On 6/5/2017 at 8:13 AM, screechcat said:

Non-degree status is for students who hold a degree but need to take the required leveling courses for the CDIS program.

As discussed recently it makes more sense to go for the 2nd BS because you do not get the BS in the leveling program. So if you never get into grad school, you walk away with nothing for all that leveling.






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