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  1. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    Is anyone or has anyone taken CDIS 300 A&P with Bougie? It's horrible, as I'm finding out. She has a quiz scheduled for material we don't even cover until next week and her lectures are unlistenable. She seems like she hates what she is doing. I may have to reconsider ENMU if I have to take more classes by her. Its that bad.
  2. Online classes at ENMU

    As discussed recently it makes more sense to go for the 2nd BS because you do not get the BS in the leveling program. So if you never get into grad school, you walk away with nothing for all that leveling.
  3. Handling grad school with a disability

    What kind of accomodations do schools make for people with mental illness disability? What is the benefit of reporting yourself as such? I'm asking for myself because TBH I'm more afraid of negative consequences of identifying myself as having depression than I am of not doing so.
  4. Undergrad courses vs Grad course

    I have taken one graduate class, an online grad class in insect ecology just a couple years ago. I have a (admittedly dated) Biology degree, took several undergraduate classes in entomology, and have worked in the field for many years. The graduate class was much, much more difficult than anything ever I took as an undergrad. I managed an A but I found the class brutal and it was the only class I was taking AND I was only working a few hours a day. I managed an A beause I'm a good test-taker but I honestly didn't understand a lot of it very well. I'm hoping grad work in SLP won't be anything like that, or I'm doomed.
  5. How do I ask SLPs about shadowing?

    I called my local hospital's speech department and they told me how to go about it. I have to apply as a volunteer first.
  6. BIO, PHYS/CHEM, SOC, STATS Before Grad School

    I'll never forget my Biometrics teacher walking up and saying "Pass-Fail, huh?" as he handed back my graded mid-term exam. I had switched to Pass-Fail the day before, the last day to do so, out of certainty that I would not do very well. I looked at the exam. It said 100%. I wanted to fling myself off the roof. I got 90% on the final, for a solid A grade if only I hadn't switched! Now I may have to take it over again if grad schools won't accept the Pass.
  7. ENMU contact issues?

    I got through to Dr Swift on my first phone call. You might try the phone.
  8. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    I just went through the normal application process and selected it when it appeared as a choice. I'm still waiting for some old transcripts to get there. And I'm confused why you are asking. Your signature says you already have a BS in CDIS from ENMU, so why are wondering if you will get a BS doing the leveling program? I must be misunderstanding something here...
  9. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    Thanks, that will be helpful when I take it.
  10. Expiring Undergrad Credits

    But English is a little different. English literature doesn't go out of date like medical knowledge and technology, it just ages and becomes classic.
  11. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    What did you find rough about those classes? It might help me and others be prepared (or scared lol).
  12. Expiring Undergrad Credits

    I graduated a lot more than 10 years ago and I've never heard of undergrad credits expiring. I have heard of graduate credits expiring. But I could also see where undergrad credits in a semi-medical field such as Communication Disorders might expire, because medical advances occur so rapidly. Is that your situation, with a BS in CD? I was accepted into a leveling program with ancient, almost fossilized undergrad credits in Biology, but I haven't applied for a formal graduate program.
  13. ENMU online courses

    I think I'd love 8 week classes. I have an 8 week attention span. My alma mater was on quarters and I loved it, 10 weeks and you're done. I took a graduate class in Entomology a couple years ago and even though I love the subject I thought the 14 week class would never end. I'll be in trouble if I can't find a grad school on quarters.
  14. Handling grad school with a disability

    I think if I attended grad school full-time that I would develop a disability. Stress and I just don't get along, and a heavy workload is stress. This is why I'm hoping to to get into a program where you can switch between part-time and full-time. I need that cushion for sanity.