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Grades & Grad School..


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Just curious... 


What kind of grades does one need to get into average PhD and Masters programs for sociology in either Canada, the USA, or Europe? Also, how important are Masters grades vs. undergraduate grades for getting accepted to a PhD program in sociology?


Thanks guys!!!

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The best grades you can get. Grades, GRE, writing sample, and SoP are all going to be key to your admissions. Sometimes GPA is the thing that keeps people out more than it is what gets them in though.

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I was once told that strong GRE, LoR, GPA, and Research Experience are the biggest factors (yes, of course writing sample and SoP are important, but I'm quoting here) and that you should have 3/4. So if one is weak, the other three need to be strong. As far as MA vs undergrad GPA, I don't think they care about your undergrad GPA once you have a Master's, and from what I've heard to get into a PhD program your MA GPA should be close to a 4.0. I don't know a lot about that though, just what I've heard bumping around here. I'm going straight from undergrad to PhD. I will say, though, you're going to see a lot of people on this website saying "i dont know if i can get in I only have a 3.8 GPA' and be like wtf am i doing here- don't. I JUST graduated with a 3.6- like I barely made it there- and I got into essentially my top choice program (I had a couple of top choices). I'd agree with @rising_star, very poor grades may keep you out but great grades will never get you in. There's so much more that they're looking for. I'm in the US btw.

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