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Civil War

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I'm wondering what the negative effects of applying to study civil war could be? I know a lot of people on PSR seem to think it's overdone. My advisor (small LAC) says it may not be the best idea, as competition could be more fierce. 

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1. I think PSR sucks. 

2. Propose to study what you're generally interested in; it'll help you write the best SoP possible, and there's a high chance you end up studying something else anyway. 

3. If you're looking for POIs, Kalyvas (Yale) and Weinstein (Stanford) are good. 

4. PSR sucks. 

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If civil war feels a bit constraining, you may choose to present yourself as being interested in (internal) violent conflict more broadly. Among top programs, Stanford, Chicago, Yale, and MIT could be particularly great places to land.  

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