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I have completed my engineering and MBA in Information Technology and have been working for the past five years in an IT firm as the technical lead.

I had applied for furthering my studies by applying for Master of Science in different universities. I have got the offer from two universities as of now viz.,

  1. Trinity College Dublin in Master of Science in Computer Science specialization in Intelligent Systems (a one year degree specialization course)
  2. University of Konstanz in Master of Science in Computer and Information Science (a two year generic degree course)

In terms of ranking Trinity > Konstanz.

However, my plan is to go for a PhD after doing Masters and I am awaiting the reply from other German universities. I am open to choosing my specialization and am not limited to only "Artificial Intelligence"/"Intelligent Systems".

What would you recommend for me?


Thanks for your help and time!

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2 hours ago, shikkui said:

Isn't the Trinity degree closer to what your PhD interests are?  The other degree seems further away from what your goals are...

@shikkui, I am open to choosing a specialisation for PhD and it doesn't necessarily have to be in Intelligent Systems. Hence my question. What do you suggest? Thanks


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