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Tips for Completing Prerequisites

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I am trying to figure out completing prereqs for grad school. I'm a senior now, but when I was a freshman and sophomore, I took a general biology class, Health and Disease, and an earth science course. Would these qualify for the bio and physical science prereqs? The general bio class was a while ago, and I have room in my final year to take either A&P or another biology course, would it be wise to take it so it's fresh in my mind? Also, when is the best time to take the GRE? ALSO ALSO, what are some cheap online options for the more specific speech pathology prereqs like audiology? THANK YOU!

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ASHA requires chemistry or physics, and Earth Science does not count. See standard IV-A here.

There are a number of different online options. Eastern NM is the cheapest but they do not offer every course every semester the way Utah State does. The flexibility was worth paying a slightly higher per-credit tuition for USU for me personally.

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A general biology class is fine and you don't need to have it fresh in your mind. Definitely don't take A&P. I took my sophomore year and this class is insanely difficult. It goes over each system of the body and you really only need to know from the chest up which you will learn in A&P FOR SPEECH AND HEARING MECHANISMS. 

Best time to take your GRE Is the summer before senior year just because you will have a lot of time to prepare (no classes to distract you), and if you need to take it again you can. However, you can take it about a month before application deadlines. Be sure to take it at least a month before because it takes a while to have the scores sent to your schools and CSDCAS. Good luck!

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It really depends on the school. Some universities are strict and some are not. I don't think you will have a problem with BIO but the earth science probably won't be accepted. It has to be somewhat related to speech & language (think acoustics). See the link below which details acceptable course requirements. 


I took a very basic, intro to physics course (no lab) at a local community college. So easy and it worked just fine. Don't make it harder than you have to :-) 

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