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Salary for military psychologists?


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It depends upon which branch you're in and whether you're Reserve or not. But, all branches need psychologists right now. A lot of times if you do your internship as an officer, they'll give you a VA internship and pay your fees to get your licence. You also have major job security and opportunities to get tuition repayments. 

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5 hours ago, elemosynarical said:

I was highly curious about this OP, do you know which schools in particular offer a military psychology graduate program? I'm a Canadian undergrad in my final year, thanks so much!

In Canada much of this work is contracted out to counselling/clinical psychs.

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15 hours ago, elemosynarical said:

i'm interested in applying to American schools

Not many schools have military psychology specific programs, however, any APA accredited clinical or counseling PhD program would be accepted by the military and the VA as well as most PsyD programs.  If you would like to work in the VA system, look for a school with a close relationship with a VA hospital for practicum and internship opportunities.  If you would like to be active duty military, you can begin speaking with a Health Professions recruiter for whichever branch you're interested in now as you're beginning to think about your programs (this is for the US military only, I know nothing about the Canadian military and if they may have opportunities for active duty military psychologists).

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