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  1. which language to learn?

    Hello I'm almost done my bachelor's degree in psychology + biology, yes i'm only an undergrad, but you graduate students in the field of languages would definitely have more insight into this than I do! I can speak Chinese, English, and French fluently. I'm already using Duolingo right now to learn Spanish, and I'm picking up the language insanely fast. But i just feel like if I put Spanish on my resume, it won't be as impressive as German would be on my resume? because people will just say "well obviously you're gonna learn Spanish really quickly, cuz you already know French!" any way what's your thoughts? I was thinking of learning German as my next language, but I don't have enough brain space to memorize the gender of all German nouns... (neutral, masculine, and feminine), and I'm planning on living in North America for the rest of my life, and barely anyone speaks German here, so I feel like there wouldn't be much point. I was thinking of continuing my self-studies in Spanish? I mean it's a super practical language in North America, but again, I just hesitate to be proud of knowing Spanish because people will assume I will obviously pick up Spanish quickly if my French is good (Romance languages are very similar to one another)? so I feel like putting Spanish on my resume won't be a huge addition to my resume, because people will know I can easily pick it up since I ALREADY know French fluently like obviously it would be very impressive if I could learn Arabic by myself (but it would take me at least 5 years to master it, and 5 years deducted off my life is not worth it). Arabic also never really interested me in the first place, and I'm not interested in travelling to most of the countries that speak Arabic (no offence to anyone) so what language should I learn next? I want to learn something that will be relatively useful and would still look good on my resume? i might consider a side-career in translation in the future or make languages my ultimate hobby (I know... i'm a nerd) I want to pursue graduate studies in psychology ( I know some of you are probably going to bring up German, because a lot of Germans have historically been psychologists... lol), but i mean I could always read psychological literature in English, since English is practically the universal language nowadays
  2. M.Sc. vs M.A.?

    Just curious, but if Psychology is a science, why are the graduate degrees offered by some universities a Master of Arts and not a Master's of science? Does that mean a master's of Arts in psychology is less scientifically based or the courses in a master's of arts are not as statistically heavy? Is it better to do a master's of science in psychology? As isn't it better to do a degree where psychology can be more empirically supported?
  3. is 2 weeks enough for me to come up with a hypothesis or research QUESTION for a 4th year psychology project? or is it better that I delay my project until the summer and spend a lot more time thinking about a research question BEFORE I start a 4th year research project? I'm sort of panicking right now, because the full-year proposals are due in 2 weeks, and I don't know if 2 weeks is sufficient to come up with a brilliant idea it's not as big of a deal as master's thesis project, but it is a 4th year undergrad research project, so... any ideas? Should I decide to do the project for this upcoming Fall-Winter school year or delay it until the summer so I can spend more time brainstorming ideas? I'm afraid if I delay it by the summer, the supervisor won't want me to be part of the lab anymore
  4. time it takes to come up with a 4th year project hypothesis?

    Well the research question MUST be relevant to cognition+ gender, so right now, I'm pressed for time, due to so many final exams, etc. I'm wondering if two weeks is enough to come up with an idea, or should I delay it until the summer, so that I have 6 months to think about it? The only downside to this is by the time summer is here, the prof might not be interested in working with me anymore
  5. time it takes to come up with a 4th year project hypothesis?

    yes, so the prof's lab area of interest is cognitivei psychology and gender, yes my research question should pertain to gender+ cognition, but it doesn't necessarily have to be pertinent that is being done in the lab right now, it could be something COMPLETELY BRAND NEW AND NOVEL AND UNIQUE, but it still has to be about gender+ cognition, prof has given me a lot of flexibility, and i think it's better to be relatively creative, that being said it would be wise to be familiar with the literature out there in cognition + gender I'm thinking of delaying it until the summer, so I have more time to think of a research question the downside to this is that by the time the summer is here, the prof could entirely lose interest in me, and no longer want me to do a project with him anymore
  6. job prospects of social psychology?

    if I can't get into clinical, then my back-up is social psychology but seriously what kind of good jobs can social psychologists get? I have a feeling that the job prospects are kinda bleak if I end up doing a PHD in social psychology? is it better to make industrial/organizational psychology my back-up plan rather than social psych?
  7. Clinical Or I/O Psychology?

    what kind of jobs can i get with Industrial psychology? is it easy to find jobs with I/O psych? what about social psych?
  8. Questions about job prospects, clinical psychology, and GRE's.

    The GRE math isn't tough at all, it's easier than the SAT Also, you seem to be using a completely different username although ur the same person who has been messaging me...
  9. High Functioning Sociopath

    my attention span is too short... sorry i didn't really read your rant
  10. Salary for military psychologists?

    i'm interested in applying to American schools
  11. Salary for military psychologists?

    I was highly curious about this OP, do you know which schools in particular offer a military psychology graduate program? I'm a Canadian undergrad in my final year, thanks so much!
  12. High Functioning Sociopath

    i'm surprised how some people are even qualified to be psychiatrists... psychiatrists can't even properly diagnose me, i have to diagnose myself before they believe that I truly do possess symptoms of a specific mental disorder (ex. OCD) moreover, I tried telling my psychiatrist that I suffered from hypochondriasis in the past, and he didn't even know what that was
  13. undergrad- which lab to join in 4th year?

    Hey yall, so I'm obviously a senior undergrad student at the University of Toronto (in Canada), there's something called a 4th year independent project course for psychology, where you have to secure a supervisor and then you get to conduct a bit of your own research in this 4th year course I wanna apply to clinical psych for grad school once I've graduated If I don't get into clinical psych, I want to apply to social psych 4th year projects definitely look good on my resume and are great preparation for grad school (gives undergrad students a sense of what to expect in grad school) However, in my school, it gets a little complicated: -->4th year psychology projects can only be done within the department of psychology --> the clinical psychology labs are technically not part of the department of psychology, they are part of a department called OISE, which is relevant to educational psychology and stuff --> Consequently, if I wanted to do a 4th year project, it wouldn't be with a clinical psychology lab, it would have to be with a social, cognitive, developmental, or neuropsychology lab, and i don't think any of these labs conduct research on clinical topics -> besides clinical psychology, I seem to be mostly only interested in social psychology, so if I were to do a 4th year psych independent project, it would probably have to do with social psychology Is this a problem? Because I want to apply to clinical psychology, and I know that 4th year independent projects are awesome preparation for grad school So does that mean I should just do a 4th year project with a social psychology lab? and hope that the clinical psychology graduate program admissions committee will still look favourably upon a 4th year social psychology independent project course, even though it's not related to clinical psych?
  14. Mid-Tier Social Psychology PhD Programs

    3.1? i think most grad programs require a minimum of 3.7 in the last 2 years, at least that's my experience w/ Canadian applications
  15. undergrad- which lab to join in 4th year?

    Hey Oshawott, how good does an "Individual Project" PSY405 look on a resume? I can't believe it they don't rename the course as being an "Independent Research Project" because that would sound a lot more professional than "Individual Project" I feel like if I put "Individual Project Student" on my resume, grad school committees won't think much of it, and they would think "oh yeah whatever it's just another one of those lab courses" How does the Individual Project (Course code is PSY405/406) compare to the honours thesis? Does the Individual Project prepare psychology students well for grad school? Will grad school admissions committee look favourably upon a student who does an individual project PSY405/406 at UofT? My second question-> With regards to the PSY405 individual project, I know I have to fill out a proposal form and submit it to the undergrad coordinator. With respect to filling out the project proposal form, am I supposed to come up with my own novel hypothesis and research ideas BEFORE I meet with my potential supervisor? Or is it better if I and my supervisor BOTH go through and write out the proposal form TOGETHER while discussing ideas with each other? Thank you so much!
  16. undergrad- which lab to join in 4th year?

    at a major hospital? There are no 4th year research courses that UofT students can do with a hospital It has to be within the UofT campus building itself same goes with Ryerson or York university, if you're a UofT student, you can't do a 4th year research course with other universities if I were to be part of a clinical lab at a hospital or at another university, it would HAVE to be volunteering, and volunteering doesn't look as good as a research course or a work-study opportunity UofT missisauga I don't believe has any clinical labs, only UofT scarborough has a clinical lab, and I don't think St George students can do 4th year research courses at UofT Scarborough to make things more complicated, there are hundreds and HUNDREDS of psych students at UofT, only 2-3% of them have the chance to do a thesis, because it's restricted to research specialists, only around 15-20 students are in the research specialist program, and I'm not in it it's funny how psych students at other Canadian universities can easily obtain the chance to do a thesis, at UofT, it's super restricted to only around 20 students, and the psych department has a couple HUNDRED of students
  17. undergrad grunt work?

    so the situation is that I'm in an immunology lab right now, so far I've only contributed around 20 hours, I'm a 4th year undergrad doing a double major in biology and psychology but all that they've had me to do is empty out biozardous trash cans that contain blood samples and potentially sharp objects as well... it takes me 2 hours to empty out everyone's trash cans and obviously i feel like i'm worth a piece of trash right now not to mention I've had to wipe down and clean their equipment and inventory I've never really had research experience in biology before why all this grunt work though? i know... persistence, persistence... but they should have me start on simple experimental things, no? this is making me feel that biology is not what I want to pursue in grad school, if volunteering is gonna be like this ALL the time... not to mention, i'm starting to lean towards psychology, because as a psychology research assistant, I've never had to empty out trash cans so far, I've had 2 work-study positions for psychology but all I can get for biology is volunteering role where I'm the trashman is this normal to be suffering so much? not to mention, I'm extremely misophobic to the point of extreme OCD, so having to dispose of biozardous waste every time I'm in the lab sickens me I get they are just testing me to see how resilient I am, but it feels like a subtle form of self-degradation and humiliation
  18. undergrad grunt work?

    i legitimately find immunology interesting, but the only thing i'm taking part in right now is being trashman i get it everyone has to pitch in to do the grunt work, but there's another RA who's not doing much grunt work at all, though I only once a week see the other RA, and it comes off as nepotism
  19. undergrad grunt work?

    i guess i don't wanna be one of those people that always kisses people's asses in order to move up the ranks doesn't every supervisor know that undergrads wanna actually take part in valuable stuff?
  20. [serious question] hey everyone, i'm new to this forum! :] so not really sure how this works , btw is this forum completely anonymous? I'm in Canada by the way- currently in undergrad psychology- i definitely wanna do grad school one day in one of my undergrad essays, i noticed there was a single sentence in the essay that was missing a citation, perhaps the TA didn't catch it at that time or overlooked it as being a minor issue (was being merciful to me?) I wrote a very general statement about a social psychology theory that most social psychologists know about, but I didn't cite that sentence: The TA already marked the assignment, the course is over, and I have a final grade already on my transcript. I do not have any academic offence labelled on my transcript. I didn't use a citation for that sentence, because I thought I didn't have to cite things for basic/fundamental theories known to most social psychologists just as most physicists wouldn't really cite E= MC2 by Einstein. also at the time i wrote the essay, i was suffering from severe mental health issues, and anxiety, and depression, and lots of things like that, i didn't have the mental resources to fully reflect upon whether or not that one sentence would be considered common knowledge (no citation would be necessary in this case) or would be considered as uncommon knowledge (citation would be necessary in this case) Because i felt so guilty about this, I contacted the TA and asked the TA about whether i should have cited such a sentence. The TA said I was not in trouble, but the TA did tell me that I would have to cite such a sentence in the future so does that i mean I technically did commit plagiarism, but the TA overlooked it as being a minor issue and thus, did not bother to escalate this issue any further to higher authorities and did not bother to convict me of an academic offence? my dream is to attain my master's and PHD one day, and let's hypothetically say that i do end up getting my PHD one day I'm just worried years down the road, they'll look back to what I had submitted for the course, and realize that this sentence did not have a citation ->because of this one missing citation in undergrad, would all 3 of my degrees- bachelor's, master's, and PHD- be revoked? or would only my bachelor's degree be revoked but i would get to keep my master's and PHD? I haven't slept in days, and this is seriously eating away at me... some much needed wise advice or comments please? 1) so did i technically commit plagiarism, but the TA overlooked it as being a minor issue and thus did not bother to escalate this issue by reporting it to higher-up authorities (ex. Dean) and did not bother to convict me of a plagiarism offence? what's going on? i don't know what to think of this anymore... 2) if I do get a PHD in the future, would all 3 of my degrees- bacehlor's, master's, and PHD be revoked, because of this one missing citation in my undergrad essay (during my bachelor's)? Or would only my bachelor's degree be revoked but I would get to keep my master's and PHD?
  21. revoked degrees hypothetical question? [serious question]

    Oh thank you fuzzylogician you are so wise! I shall take your wisdom with gratitude! this my last question i promise:let's say i do end up FINALLY GETTING MY PHD one day, but then the TA 4 or 5 years later decides to go back to my undergrad essay,and give me a 0 in the course because the TA is in a bad mood 4 or 5 years later (ex. somehow gets into a car accident or an unfortunate life event happens to the TA and so the TA gets into a really bad mood)--> in that case, my undergrad GPA would be lowered to let's say a GPA of 3.1 and now, my GPA would no longer meet the minimum admissions requirements for the PHD program EVEN AFTER I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO THE PHD program and EVEN AFTER I have already begun my PHD research or EVEN AFTER i have already finished my PHD and then if the university where I did my PHD finds out that my undergraduate GPA was lowered below their admissions requirements, EVEN AFTER I GOT accepted into the PHD program , would they eventually revoke my PHD or somehow punish me because my undergrad GPA was lowered beneath the PHD admissions requirements EVEN AFTER I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE PHD program and even AFTER I've already begun my PHD research? my goodness! my mind always comes up with all these complicated scenarios!
  22. revoked degrees hypothetical question? [serious question]

    Thank you fuzzylogician, hearing such advice from you calms me down very much. The sentence was a commonly known social psychology theory, but the TA told me I should cite such a sentence anyway in the future I am grateful for your thoroughly responding to my inquiries. ur right... they probably wouldn't revoke any degree, let alone THREE DEGREES, but I will say that I am worried about one other scenario, this my last question i promise: let's say i do end up getting a PHD one day, but then the TA 4 or 5 years later decides to go back to my undergrad essay, and give me a 0 in the course because the TA is in a bad mood (ex. somehow gets into a car accident or an unfortunate life event happens to the TA) --> in that case, my undergrad GPA would be lowered and then if the university where I did my PHD finds out that my GPA was lowered below their admissions requirements, EVEN AFTER I GOT accepted into the PHD program, they would revoke my PHD or somehow punish me? P.S. I'm sorry of my anxiety disorder symptoms are manifesting... I really don't know if I'm sane or not... but I do know that I tend to worry about a lot of things...
  23. revoked degrees hypothetical question? [serious question]

    Thank you for your advice! your advice definitely reassured me also, let's hypothetically say I manage to get a PHD one day if people found out about a single missing citation in one of my undergrad essays, would they revoke all 3 of my degrees- bachelor's, master's, and PHD, or would they only revoke my bachelor's degree but I would get to keep my master's and PHD?
  24. revoked degrees hypothetical question? [serious question]

    I asked the TA whether that one sentence should have had a citation, and the TA said yes, i should cite sentences like that in the future Isn't that technically plagiarism but the TA let go of this incident as if it were something very minor?