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  1. That crossed my mind, but I specifically remember checking the main graduate admissions page to get the due date. Thank you, though! I hope yours are going well too if you're applying!
  2. Hello Everyone, So when I decided which schools I would be applying to in October 2017, I saw that Wake Forest's application was due February 1st. I'd been working on my application in bits and pieces and went to finish it up and submit it just now, but saw that my selection of the "Fall 2018" Term was no longer available. I went to double check the admissions page and it said that the applications had been due January 15th, not the February 1st that I had seen every other time I'd checked the page. I didn't receive an email about any due date changes either. Did anyone else notice the c
  3. Anybody else waiting to hear from U Rochester and/or CUNY BASP or happen to know if they've sent out invites?
  4. Can the person that got an interview for social psych at VCU please DM me? Thanks!
  5. Thanks guys! I followed your advice and got invited to the official interview day!
  6. I was finally contacted on 1/6/18 from my POI at Virginia Commonwealth. We spoke on the phone for about 45min on Monday. He said based on these preliminary phone interviews, he will be choosing who to invite to the official visit day, so here's hoping I didn't completely bomb the phone interview. Also, I was the first person he spoke to (come on primacy and recency effect!), so if you're waiting to hear from VCU, there's still hope. I think I did fairly well and my officemate said it sounded like it went well lol. One problem... He asked for a few of my papers, but they're all on my old l
  7. Anyone else terrified that invites from your programs already went out and none of the invitees are on grad cafe so they never uploaded their results??
  8. Anyone else terrified that invites from your programs already went out and none of the invitees are on grad cafe so they never uploaded their results??
  9. Can anyone that heard anything back from NYU social psychology let me know who their POIs are? I've seen interview invites and rejections, but I've personally heard nothing and don't know what to think :/
  10. My GPA is pretty low, but I have a lot of research experience and good GREs that I think can offset that. Would you still suggest taking it?
  11. Hello All, I'm applying this fall for a few PhD and Masters programs. Only one of my schools (CUNY Grad Center BASP program) even recommends taking the subject test, but it's one of my top choices so I was just going to go ahead and do it. Apparently, the deadline to apply for the 9/16 test was yesterday, so I would have to take the 10/28 test. So I have 2 questions: 1) Should I even bother taking the test if only one of my schools even recommends it (I have an BS in Psych)? 2) If I should I take the test, will 10/28 be too late to meet the 12/1 application deadline that all
  12. Thank you so much! I actually worked in Brooke Feeney's lab all four years of undergrad!
  13. Hi all! Thanks for making this thread: Program of Interest/ Research interest: I'm interested in how platonic friendships and romantic relationships affect the individual as well as how the internet has affected our relationships (online dating, social support through social media/forums, etc.). Another interest is romantic relationships in adults with autism spectrum disorder. Schools you have looked at: My list as of now is composed of 4 masters programs and 3 PhD programs. Masters: William and Mary, Villanova, Wake Forest, Towson (safety). PhD: NYU,, CUNY Graduate Center, VCU. (If
  14. Thank you! Unfortunately, I don't have a master's degree, so I don't think I would qualify
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