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USC Construction Management (Master's / Graduate)


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Hi guys, I'd really appreciate your help with my situation. I'm planning on applying to USC for the Construction Management graduate program and I just took the GRE's yesterday, however I got slightly lower scores due to my lack of preparation.

Here's a brief description of my application:
1. Undergraduate degree at California State University, Northridge with a major in Civil Engineering and minor in Urban
Planning. (Cumulative GPA is 3.45)

2. Four years of design and CM/PM work experience at reputable firms and municipal agency.

3. Letter of Intent (will be good)

4. Recommendation Letter (will be good)

5. GRE scores: Verbal - 143, Quantitative - 158 (negative portion of app)

Although my GRE scores are slightly lower than preferred, I don't think that USC is going to deny me just because of this one flaw on my app. I'm going to be super busy until the deadline for the application in January 2018 and find it very difficult for me to allow myself the time to study more and take the exam AND on top of that get recommendation letters, write my letter of intent, and apply. What do you guys think? Is it worth retaking the exam for a maximum of 5 point increase for each portion of the GRE?

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I would say you should focus on the other parts of your application and make sure those are also strong.  Focus your energy on writing the letter of intent and applying.  You could also consider using [service] for getting your letters of recommendation because it allows you to suggest topics for your recommenders to talk about and ensures a professional recommendation. 

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