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MS in Statistics from Engineering Background - Chance/Advice

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Institution: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Major: Chemical Engineering BSE, minor in Statistics

GPA: 3.01/4.0. 2.7/4.0 in major, 3.4/4.0 in minor. Nearly failed sophomore year, very strong upward trend (3.35 over last 3 semesters) + A's in last two upper-level stats classes.

GRE: 167 V / 170 Q / 6.0 AWA

Relevant Courses: Multivariable Calculus (Honors): B, Intro to Computer Science: B, Intro to Stats & Data Analysis: A-, Intro Probability: B+, Intro Quantitative Research Methods: B-, Applied Statistical Methods II: A, Statistical Problem Solving in Chemical Engineering: A, Chemical Engineering Lab I (had heavy stats component): A-

Research Experience: One full year as a programmer in reasonably selective computer science lab. Wrote a proposal that let me travel to a prestigious conference. One summer doing basic data analysis for a lab. Three semesters developing modules for a chemical engineering encyclopedia.

Work Experience: I'm a recent graduate and am currently working as a quality engineer at a large auto parts supplier. I also had an internship before my senior year in quality where I developed skills in Minitab and JMP. I'm applying to work as a GRE tutor for Kaplan/TPR; I don't think this job should be difficult to get.

Letters of Recommendation:

A lecturer who I had four classes with (two engineering, two statistics). Made a form of A in three of them.

My research supervisor who was also my academic advisor. Should be extremely strong.

Supervisor for my internship. He definitely liked me and I left a good impression.

I'm a domestic student, white male. I would very much like to do an MS in Applied Statistics at my alma mater, University of Michigan (high ranking program plus could live at home to save money). I have no interest in pursuing a PhD; I want to go into industry after I graduate. UM's Applied Statistics MS does not penalize you for missing a couple pre-reqs (I'm missing linear algebra and theoretical stats). I'd like to know how I stand currently and how I could improve my application when I apply this Winter for a Fall 2018 start. 

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